Tan Zhuo: you don’t have to be drowned

Original title: Tan Zhuo: no need to be drowned

Tan Zhuo: you don't have to be drowned

In the film “I am not a medicine God”, Lu has benefited from Cheng Yong to go to the general group of the sick group, and the breast and fat buttocks of the steel tube dancer rushed into the picture with the huge sound of music. The footsteps followed the footsteps of the two men until the thought of Sihui at the bar twisted in front of their eyes. Lv Shouyi and Cheng Yong stood at the stage to see her, Cheng Yong silly: “I rely on!” This is a patient?! “

Si Hui belongs to Tan Zhuo. The role of the original set is also rich, a ballet mother, in order to cure her daughter to dance in the evening Dance Pole Dance. Only half of the film is reflected in the film. But that’s enough. The female character on the beam is sexy on the stage and is rustling enough in life. It’s also humble enough to face the three times “I send you” by a taxi.

Tan Zhuo paid some price for this section of steel pipe dance. In the words of actor Zhang Yu, “for 20 seconds, fall ill forever.” This is also a role for her to bring her. But Sihui is only part of the actor Tan Zhuo. Tan Zhuo has played a lot of other plays over the past two years, and more importantly, she has rerecognized her identity and trends in the industry – with experience, thinking and deeper understanding of the industry. As for these, her original saying is: “you need not be drowned and drift with the tide. When you come to an environment that feels boring, you can go; or you can make it unboring through your changes. “

Lou Ye’s heroine plays Yu Zheng’s palace drama

Tan Zhuogen Yu Zheng saw one side last year. Yu Zheng asked her to play the palace play, and wanted to play a gentle and quiet role in the past. She changed her mind to see her: “you are going to play the high imperial concubine” – a tough and aggressive person who wants to hurt people. Tan Zhuo was amazed at his keen insight into her role, which was very subversive: “when actors are chosen by the project, they are often identified by their past roles. In fact, everyone is not like this. Not only is I, but people are rich and multifaceted. Then she went into the series of “the Yan Jubilee attack”.

It is not in the past to play a TV play or a palace fight. In fact, Tan Zhuo cherishes the role of high imperial concubine. Over the past two years, movie actors have been playing TV shows. She was not troubled by this trend, but regarded it as a broader choice of actors. After this drama, she was always asked: “is it a complete transformation to take such a commercial TV play?” After the night of the spring breeze, Lou Ye’s heroine, Tan Zhuo, is known. In the past many years, the most common question she faced was whether the film should continue.

She did her homework well and played the bad guys like a duck to water. A high imperial concubine plays Kunqu Opera, in order to make the appearance more gorgeous, the crown is sinking deeper and deeper. On the day of the shooting, Tan Zhuo put on the cervical spine. For this Kunqu Opera, she worked hard to learn the play. Now the 20 kilograms of the head crown depends on the clip, not on the hair, pulling the scalp, but also to lower the waist.

She is a man who can not afford to lose her chain, and she plays the whole field at the same time. The whole scene was quiet. Yu Zheng was very excited and made a micro-blog boasting of her career; her driver did not look at the scene before, and this time said, “it’s really nice”; the opera teacher said the words, “it’s so nice Tan Zhuo”, “really dare not believe it”, and “it’s really fascinating.”

Tan Zhuo: you don't have to be drowned

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This is an actor’s satisfaction. Fawn is not something Tan Zhuo is good at. This is something she often thinks about. She was a hard girl. She tried to stretch her fingers to the back of her hand. She could stretch out to 180 degrees. When she was in the play, she had her arm and her waist to teach her how to show her “tenderness”.

“You are a woman, and you will inevitably have such a role. If you want to be competent, you have to make this effort and change. She said, before talking about Kunqu Opera, she never imagined that she could take the role of dancing. But last year, Tan Zhuo not only sang the Kunqu Opera, but in the film “I am not the medicine God” in Makino, she also jumped out of the steel tube dance with high shorts and lace blouses.

In the movie, she plays a ballet mother, in order to give her daughter a CML to dance in the nightclub. The training time is one hour a day. She goes to class and proposes to change it to three hours. The producer is worried: “can you make it?”

Not really. She practiced several times to cry: bitter, painful, grieved. The steel tube dance needed the friction between the meat and the tube. At first she couldn’t master the technology. She felt that the meat was screwed up everywhere: “it’s like a watermelon falling off the ground, but the flesh is already sac.” At that time, it was not strong enough to waxed the flesh in order to stay on the tube. Astringent, pain, she tried to refrain from crying, and felt “absolutely not, too weak.”

At the time of the play, it is the same. The teacher cried at the scene, and Tan knew why, “she spent the same time and energy with me. I felt she was very pleased. The student was very angry and did not give her any disgrace.” This is also a good memory of the actors.

Tan Zhuo: you don't have to be drowned

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In 2017, he made a choice that he would not do in the past. Tan Zhuo felt that he was gradually realizing what the movie was about. She didn’t set her own position, but she knew clearly that no matter how many commercial projects she took, she would not abandon literary films. This is Tan Zhuo’s answer to the most frequently asked questions in the past many years.

Because inside, “I will be confused and confused. I need some more serious things to reflect on and let me have something to hurt.” Externally, “we are citizens of the society and citizens of the country. Filmmakers can also contribute more to society, like other industries. It is our sense of the society that the film and art film makes the audience think.

What is the story about the movie? Now, she thinks, “some people think of movies as pure art or entertainment, but it’s not so thin, it’s like every industry, and it’s a channel to contribute to the meaning of people.”

“Solve internal problems in external form”

This year is the year of harvest. Tan Zhuo has a lot of works to show. Besides “I am not a drug God” and “Yan Xi”, there are “summer in the West Creek” and “burst silent”. It’s all her way of acting as an actor. These works are linked together, and Tan Zhuo’s growth is traceable.

It’s the year before last. “In the movie, her play is very few, it is” functional role “. But when I was followed by “I am not a drug God”, I always touched her script in her work. Tan Zhuo has never been able to take a project against his heart, and to the latter, “most of the markets are not ideal plays, which are rare.” The same is the same in the former.

Another similarity between the two films is the reality. The work that reflects the social problems is one of her favorite directions; some of the sounds and contributions of this work to the society are one of the meanings she has sought in her career.

The summer of the West River is the only Chinese movie that won the Busan Film Festival last year. It is a small cost and a literary film, so it is not known. Tan Zhuo thought it was good, and the drama angle of life and social role was let her find the level of performance. This is an important thing for her.

Tan Zhuo: you don't have to be drowned

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Tan Zhuo has played various roles, and she has been waiting for and looking for all kinds of roles. They help her to think, let actor Tan Zhuo grow up, and even help her solve problems.

Gu Xianglan in dream like dream is like this. This is Tan Zhuo’s role in playing for five years and thinking for five years. Before waiting for it, because without systematic training, the roles she could undertake were very life oriented. At that time, her expectation for such a play was “any role can be”.

When I was in Italy, I received a script and project book from a broker. The hotel network was not good enough to open. The agent was very excited and said, “it’s a good blessing. We can receive such a role.” When I went back to the country, I began to read the script. The more I saw it, the less I saw it. Opponents also say that they are bold enough to come up with such a big play and such an important role. Tan Zhuo reacted and began to fear.

She collapsed during rehearsal, once depressed. Gu Xianglan is a famous prostitute who has never seen anybody in his life. Director Lai Shengchuan’s rehearsal method is relatively free, not so much as the actor: “with the right hand row, and then walk around the scheduling, individual local director to say two sentences.” Tan Zhuo once felt that he was swallowed up by roles, insomnia, anxiety and crying.

Gu Xianglan is playing the fifth year of this year. Tan Zhuo will still be nervous. Before the curtain was opened, the actors were in a different state. Some people relaxed, but on the stage was the role. She should try to get everything ready as early as possible: adjust herself in the dressing room, and tell yourself, “I’m not nervous.” Even before performing, I always had nightmares, I dreamed that I had forgotten words on the stage or missed the scene. Otherwise, when the car was blocked, the play had already begun.

Tan Zhuo: you don't have to be drowned

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Drama makes people tired, because when they are not playing, they also have to strangle the string, and concentrate their energy for a long time.

Tan Zhuo found his feeling at the last stop of the first year of the tour; in third years, it seemed a little more interesting; in fifth years, she could play. Not long ago, she saw an interview to know how the director felt about herself. Lai Shengchuan said in an interview that Tan “has been changing”, “she needs to find that person to find out, the theater is to be fixed, she is now starting to decide.” She knew that her attempts and growth directors were all there.

Tan Zhuo is particularly grateful to the production company. Before that, as an actor, she was always a very nervous person, “but a good role needs you to be very free, and you want to solve your internal problems through the external form of the play.” And then, she did it for 5 years.

There is no need to be drowned.

Tan Zhuoai thought, it was natural. When I was in college, I was so energetic that I could not sleep at night. I thought of 3 at midnight. A small problem will also be considered, and second days to discuss with the teacher. For this, the teacher once suggested her to be a director. Tan Zhuo did not become a director, she presided over her professional career and became an actress.

In this industry, actors are relatively comfortable, but the cost is also great: “we earn money from endocrine disorders. Your mood in your role is contrary to the laws of nature, and many people will have emotional problems. Tan Zhuo regards this as asking for pain: to love this job means to have made a choice.

In the past year, she even paid a higher price for this choice: when I played “I am not a drug God”, I practiced pole dancing too hard and my feet hurt badly. Back to look, the side of the foot is full of blood stasis, “like a leaky plastic bag, blood sedimentation below.” She thought it was a soft tissue or ligament problem. She kept on waiting until it felt a little serious to go to the hospital. It was 10 months later.

The diagnosis is that the ankle cartilage is broken and permanent. The same person with her has been on crutches.

The doctor asked, “don’t you hurt?”

“It hurts, it doesn’t help, it doesn’t make any noise.” She said.

That place will always hurt and no longer exercise. It was a big price for Tan Zhuo to pay.

But let her “love this job” and “make a choice” motivation, but it is natural to happen. Tan Zhuo’s first performance opportunity was a bit unexpected. When freshman entered school, he was called back by the teacher’s telephone on the way to buy daily necessities. Without any performance training, she came to play the leading role. The drama group gave a lot of money, but the pressure of work was also great. Tan Zhuo’s heart plays are special, “everyone thinks this girl can’t play.” After the play, he hurried away, afraid to speak to the director.

Tan Zhuo: you don't have to be drowned

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Later, after making films with Lou Ye, he has gained some growth. Director Lou Ye is a less directed director, more willing to listen to others, and Tan Zhuo feels that he is more like an observer. “The night of the spring breeze is drunk” has been prepared for six months before filming. It is already very close to life when filming. She was so relaxed that she didn’t want to go after shooting, just like a holiday. But the feeling of “that person still lives there” has lasted for a long time.

The film made her the best actress in the Cannes Film Festival. The first time I went to the red carpet, I didn’t know what was going on in the movie festival, so I went there in a hurry. It is pure beauty to remember now.

She walked down all the way. Now, Tan Zhuohui said, “I always said that I was very passive, because the film chose me, and then all the way down were literary films. Sometimes I think about it because I like this kind of drama. I choose the state of actors.

But for a long time, she felt that she was loved by God and did not make any special efforts. As a matter of fact, she resisted her identity until 2015. Having been hovering outside the circle, filming a movie in a year is not a normal working rhythm at all.

“Stars need to be exposed and there will be exposure to continuous work, so the brokerage firm will make profits. This is a very commercial mode.”

At that time, she would probably feel “superficial” or “disdain to associate with them”.

“But when you get in touch with each other, you find this circle is not like this. Many people are very demanding of themselves, and can not be done by ordinary people. This time is changing, not only the actors, the Chinese film and television practitioners are growing very fast, the energy is growing, the knowledge reserves are more and more rich, and they are going in a more quality direction. ” This led her to rethink her own field and then awe.

In the era of gaining control in the capital market, commerciability is an unavoidable way. Now, Tan Zhuo looks at this: “I am also one of the representatives of this industry. You don’t have to be drowned by them. When you come to an environment that feels boring, you can go; or you can make it unboring through your changes. When the industry starts to change, there will be more opportunities for itself to practice. ” To maintain herself and not be coerced by society is a fundamental question of her understanding of the world.

Photography: Li Xiaoliang creativity: editors of District Yang: Li Dian

Modeling: Yang Ting’s interview and writing: Xiao Shen

Makeup Artist: Zhang Yingsi

Hairdresser: sson sson (Dong Tian modeling)

Co ordinate: Chen Yu

Fashion assistant: Yan Huan Huan


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Read the road! (it is good to write)

Original title: Happy Reading road! (it is good to write)

Read the road! (it is good to write)

A long way to life

Walk and stop

A variety of people

Come and go

Read the road! (it is good to write)

Some people

Teach you to learn to treasure

But it’s away from you

Some people

No matter how you change

It’s all with you

Never abandon

Read the road! (it is good to write)

Later, I understand

Some people want you to be happy

Some people are looking forward to you

And people who are indifferent to you

Read the road! (it is good to write)


The society will take care of himself

Don’t worry about the people who care about you

Let the people who see your jokes are happy

It’s sad for people who don’t care about you

Read the road! (it is good to write)

Put down

Turn around, never turn back

Something that is easily broken.

No need to glue

A person who is easy to leave

No need to stay

Read the road! (it is good to write)

Laugh at the present, laugh to the West and laugh in the south, and laugh in the south.

Laugh and laugh, and laugh at your own ignorance.

Look at things, watch the day, watch the moon,

The outlook on others is always high and low.

Read the road! (it is good to write)

Sponsor: Publicity Department of the Shapingba District Committee and District letter office.

Editor in chief: editor of Chiang Fu: Li Jinsong

(Shapingba micro government arranged in the network)

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Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Original title: Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

The score of our director’s work always seems to be inversely proportional to the beauty of his wife.

For example, Jiang Wen’s recent “evil is not pressing”, the whole Parkour look dizzy. Eddie Peng’s Greek sculptural body is enchanting, and it always transpiring out a smoke fool.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

All the swords and shadows were not as good as Zhou Yun’s face coming out of the bell tower, and the sunset and the light were all just right.

The more beautiful Zhou Yun is, the less viewers will buy it. “Evil is not right” from the point of view to the public screening. The bean score has dropped from 8.1 to 7.2.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Jiang Wen’s two most famous films, “sunny days” and “the devil are coming” were taken before he married Zhou Yun. When he fell in love with Zhou Yun as the heroine, the movie word of mouth went all the way down.

This situation is really like the Kaige Chen of the year.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Kaige Chen’s ex-wife Hong Huang is not very good-looking, but a very attractive woman, intelligent and free and easy. When Kaige Chen was with her, she took a picture of “farewell to my concubine”. Jiang Wen loved her very much, and later asked her to play the lady in the “one step away”.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Kaige Chen remarried Chen Hong in 96 years. Chen Hong is indeed beautiful, with the beauty of an oil painting. Kaige Chen also loved to put her in the film. Mei Lanfang, search, “no pole”, “Zhao’s orphan” had Chen Hong’s mirror, and the result was worse than one.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Of course, directors are not good at making movies. But the director who is beautiful and loves to shoot his wife is easier to get into a bottleneck.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Jia Zhangke also loves to shoot his wife. He has made 13 films, 11 of which are Zhao Tao’s leading roles. But Zhao Tao’s mundane, even little face, has always been the same as the northern town of Jia Zhangke, which is a symbolic symbol in the film.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Jiang Wenli is good-looking. Fortunately, Gu Changwei did not take many pictures of his wife. He was the one who made his wife the ugliest “Chun Chun” with the best reputation.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Feng Xiaogang is also very smart. After finishing the new year’s trilogy, he rarely used Xu Fan to play the leading role. He now prefers to make a pile of Miao Miao.

Director Wu Shixian’s wife Gong Beibi is also very good-looking, and then he made three movies with his wife as the protagonist, and then there was no more.

Zhang Yimou, there is no such worry at all, because he never takes his wife.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Jiang Wen is the most sincere and loving wife and respects his wife. His films are often full of banter about reality, and the destruction of structure is always filled with a strong sense of historical nihilism. Only Zhou Yun in the film can make people touch the real flesh and blood.

This is especially obvious, almost all the characters have been transformed by the mirror, and the body and the white are exaggerated and ugly. Li Tianran is a fool around looking for his father, Zhu Qianlong is a mixture of bullying the ancestors, blue peak is a sophisticated fraud, Tang Fengyi is the prodigal woman, only the clever red played by Zhou Yun, is the only true and sober normal person of the whole film.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

By the way, the clever red in the original is just a little tailor in the alley. As a result, the movie is turned into the first tailor in the capital, and the clothes are quite tasty. Just think about it. How much Jiang Wen has to hurt Zhou Yun.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

It is also because Qiao Hong said to Li Tianran, “man, don’t talk big, man, you can’t just say nothing, act!” Only let him become a conscious hero from an unaware hero. Clever red, especially in a man’s gag, deceive and deceive, especially solemn and forceful.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

In the round table, Jessey Meng told the truth. She said that Jiang Wen’s movies always seemed to have a white rose and a red rose. White roses are white moonlight, just like Jiang Wenming’s ideal of swaying. Most of the red roses are mosquito blood, but after the pouring of their desires, they end up failing.

Jiang Wen himself was not aware of this rule, but think about it. “The sun also rises” in the mad mother and the Doctor Lin, “let the bullet fly” flower sister and Daiyu Qingwen, “one step of the distance” of the Wu six and Yan Yan, and this “evil spirits” in the clever red and Tang Fengyi.

The face of the red rose is always blurred. It was a quiet, wet red bathing suit, and it was Joan Chen’s half leg from his white coat, a blue bathrobe wrapped in Hsu Chi, and then Xu Qing’s pouted butt from the cheongsam.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

But the white rose is always Zhou Yun. Although the identity has been changing, but the bone is always the stubborn and strong woman.

In the movie, the most touching scene is probably Li Tianran chasing Qiao Hong, asking, “you shoot me, do not fear to kill me?”

“Not afraid,” Qiao Hong said.

Li Tianran asked, “don’t you love me?”

Qiao Hong smiled. “Fool, that bullet is a fake.”

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

At that moment, the roof, the water tower, the wall, the roof, the water tower, the wall, and the old Ma Xiaojun, Jiang Wen, followed the mature woman.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

In recent years, Zhou Yun’s plays in Jiang Wen’s movies are becoming more and more serious. It is said that next year will also make a “biography of Shi Jianqiao”, the main character is also Zhou Yun did not run. At last, the suspense of Qiao Hong carrying his bag to revenge is like a preface thrown by Jiang Wen.

This time, Jiang Wen was simply to let his wife Zhou Yun come to be the producer. The reason he gave was that “Wenzhou people must be bosses.” Another big account, for me, is three melon and two dates, “Jiang Wen also called Zhou Yun” boss Zhou “. The evil spirit is not pressing Beijing’s premiere, and there is obviously a rainstorm warning. But it is still in the open the Great Wall theater. Jiang Wen said, “it is the meaning of Zhou boss.”

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

On the round table, Jessey Meng and Dou Wentao indirectly explored the relationship between Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun, which is also very interesting.

Jessey Meng married the boss of the world trade scale, often making tea for her husband at home. She asked Jiang Wen, “doesn’t Zhou Yun make you a cup of tea?” Jiang Wen’s response was very bold and confusing. “She doesn’t love bubbles. I don’t care.”

Jessey Meng asked Jiang Wen again, Zhou Yun is the producer, who has the final say? Jiang Wen immediately asked, “what’s the big deal?” What is a big deal? ” The text is probably also afraid of no face, has the final say, “shoot me to say, all I do not want to manage the matter, all belong to others.” Wen Wen has been quite frank. Dou Wentao also asked in a hurry. What should we do if we exceed the budget? The text can only ask a question, what is the budget?

The big event in the home has the final say, the bright eye can see a haha ha.

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

In fact, Jiang Wen himself also admitted, “I would like to look up to women, I would like the women in the film are independent and capable, without a woman’s temper, they will not know themselves.” Evil is not in the right place, Tang Fengyi crackle back to Zhu Qianlong’s palm, other male directors really can not shoot out.

Who allowed Jiang Wen to live in a mother’s strong family from an early age? Speaking of her mother’s death this year, Jiang Wen still carries a feeling of great respect for her mother. “This year the old lady has gone, she was a pedicel in the middle, no trouble at all, it was in line with her character, a lifetime of cattle, and after he died, she was also very bull, and left.”

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

After the mother left, the most important woman around Jiang Wen was probably Zhou Yun and her daughter. Unfortunately, it is also a pity that Jiang Wen is always looking up at the warm and strong women and disdain the Darwin world, a male jungle. He himself is also a man. He does not know where to put himself. So in his films, he often felt arrogant and self abased, and frankly and nothingness twisted into a tangled rope.

Especially in Jiang Wen’s movies over the past few years, you will obviously feel that the role of men is becoming more and more lovable and the role of women is more and more vivid. No way, Jiang Wen himself said, “I am more and more like my mother.”

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Jiang Wen was in the diary of blue Qingfeng, saying, “if anyone writes his mind in his diary, it is mean.” Even in the world of his own film, Jiang Wen could not reveal himself truly. He always had to bury his heart in a joke and bury it in the Kuso. Who dared dig it out to eat his dumplings.

Politics is always ugly, and history is always empty. Jiang Wen gave Zhou Yun the confidence of his own honesty. The feelings she carries are most direct and sincere.

“A step away”, the horse walked the day to beat six, telling her, “to find a man, not to die with him, but to live with him.”

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

In the “evil is not pressing”, when parting, Li Tianran asked Qiao Hong, how can I find you? “I’ll find you.”

A few words are brief, but they are really poetic and romantic. But you have to think that this is the real Jiang Wen, which is also wrong. Jiang Wen was always like Zhao Xiaoshuai, who was so Leng, who shouted at someone in the past, “do you understand me?” I don’t understand myself, do you understand me? “

Jiang Wen, a man who wade the woman River

Although the hormones are overflowing, they can’t cross the women’s river. This is Jiang Wen’s unique and Jiang Wen’s shortcoming.

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The mystery of Lai’s family

Original title: uncovering the distant future: the Zeng family behind the legend Lai Changxing

The mystery of Lai's family

A family hidden behind the Yuanhua case is a family with few people’s concern. A past affair with Lai Changxing’s lips and teeth and cold ties and solidarity and solidarity are now ten years of ups and downs. From an ordinary family to a famous merchant, to a displaced, discrete, and finally return to the origin, it is like a true version of the fates of fate, and the extreme portrayal of the once turbulent times in the ordinary corner.

Ceng Chuanzhang’s lifelong dream is to see his son thrive and then go to another world with a clear conscience. The wish of the family, which was carefully mounted on the wall, was demonstrated by the wedding of the young son Zeng Ming iron in 1998. The old man was surrounded by the children in the center, and the son-in-law Lai Changxing was respectfully standing on the right.

This beautiful picture ends in the summer after a year. In 1999, the “Xiamen Yuanhua smuggling case” shocked the world. Over the next ten years, most of the family members were in jail or in the end of their lives. The most famous one was Lai Changxing and his wife, Ceng Mingna, who fled to Canada.

“Now I’m only longing for peace.” In August 12th, he was reminded of the past in his home in Jinjiang, Fujian. 28 years ago, he made the decision to marry his daughter to Lai Changxing, a young businessman in the neighbouring village. His family was forced into the paradox of the roller coaster.

A rare “good son-in-law”

The son-in-law dumped 100 thousand yuan to Zeng family every month as a “pocket money” and persuaded his father-in-law to end the old fashioned business as early as possible.

From Quanzhou, Fujian, along the 324 National Highway or quanxia expressway, it can cross the Minnan delta conveniently. This is the starting point of the “maritime Silk Road”. The spirit of “mercantile complex” and “pragmatism” have created a unique regional businessman in Southern Fujian. People in Jinjiang have shown this tradition most vividly, such as Zeng Zhang and Lai Changxing, who were born here.

The Dangyu village, located in Qingyang, located in the southeast of Jinjiang County, has a history of more than four hundred years. Now it is an overly industrialized village with factories and dust.

In August 13th, Zeng Zhang sat in a two Mu courtyard in the southern part of the main village. The house was his home with the towering behind the door, the decoration of the Europeanization, and the house of the rockery. Now it’s just a renting apartment with a naughty boy and a few pieces of abandoned furniture in the corner of the wall. It’s hard to find the shadow of the celebrities of the former merchants.

“A lot of things don’t want to remember again.” Ceng Chuanzhang said. The old man, who had been swollen by time and his shoulders swollen and walked slowly, tried to insulate himself from the past.

His struggle was a vicissitudes and legend: when he was a beggar in his childhood, he was elected as the president of the poor middle peasant association during the “Cultural Revolution”, and he was the first owner of the village to cut down “capitalist tail” and “the Cultural Revolution” was not over.

Zeng Minna, the oldest daughter born in 1964, felt the poles of her life since she was young. At that time, she called “once beautiful”, father made car accessories by a pedaling machine, moved the former home from the mud house to the brick house, and then to the spacious courtyard of the fish pond.

After the reform and opening up, Fujian took the lead in implementing the economic restructuring and became the economic star of this country. It also awakened the economic minds of Minnan people. At that time, Lai Changxing became an auto dealer in the village of 4 kilometers away from Lotus Island, and opened a small family workshop. Because of the lack of culture, his business is always difficult – he runs through the supply and marketing, made a soda, laid a stall and opened a fish ball shop, overlooked the law of the mall and ignored the law of the mall, and finally fell to the Yellow calendar and was detained by the public security.

One of Zeng Minna’s more advanced than Lai Changxing is that she read the book to senior high school and listened to her parents’ arrangement. Therefore, when Lai Changxing passed through the matchmaker in 1981, he first saw the 23 year old and left a good impression on him. In the same year, thousands of Yuan had been issued, leading two people to get married. Zeng Minna was less than 18 years old. After marriage, Lai Changxing’s business was still losing money. When the money that Zhang Zeng lent to the new son-in-law reached 6 digits, he began to doubt the original vision and stop this bottomless subsidy. But this did not shake Zeng Minna’s confidence in his marriage. She served the old people with all her heart, United her sister-in-law, and embroidered and went down to the fields. All the people love this “always smiling” Lai family daughter-in-law. The next year after marriage, the eldest son Lai Junjian was born.

Fortunately, Lai Changxing at the end of his life came to a turning point in his life. With the first wave of maritime smuggling in the mid 1980s, Lai Chang Xing, who no longer believed in “good faith and rich”, started the capital accumulation quickly by selling the imported material. “The factory has opened several houses in a row.” Brother Lai Changtu recalled, “also built the villa.”

One day, when Lai suddenly found out that his pocket was far beyond the chatter of his father-in-law, he threw his home 100 thousand yuan per month for “pocket money” and persuaded his father-in-law to end the unchangeable old business as soon as possible.

The ambitious young man tried to win fame and goodwill with wealth. In 1986, Lai Changxing went to Hongkong to visit her family (elder sister Lai Lian Zhi married to Hongkong in 70s) and fell in love with the gold city everywhere. 5 years later, he brought his wife and child to Hongkong to become a full citizen. In 1994, he returned to Xiamen as a Hong Kong businessman and set up “Yuanhua Electronics Co., Ltd.”, and the fate of Zeng and Lai has been on the fast track since then.

One of the accompanying appeals for money to gather quickly is family glory and social recognition. In Lanyu village, Lai Changxing’s father-in-law became the most prominent title. He has donated kindergartens, primary schools, elderly clubs and an academic research council. Up to now, the name of Zeng Zhang is still the most frequently seen word in every tablet inscription in Lian Yu village.

Soon, the local official merchants became the guest of the former family, and his wife, Cai Xiumeng, was even promoted from an ordinary village woman as the vice president of the Jinjiang women’s Entrepreneurs Association.

“The children of grandchildren set up 100 tables on the day.” In front of reporters, the villager Ceng Wenhua tried to compare the excitement of the great scenes and the first taste of “XO”. “As long as you dare to speak, he will give you money directly.”

At the end of a Zeng’s ancestral research collection published at his own expense, an article was written from beggar to philanthropist at the end of the book. At the end of the article, he wrote that “he had generously saved money and helped the poor, and had become commonplace in the past decade. In particular, the son-in-law supporting the brilliant career (Chairman of Xiamen Yuanhua group) has made many important contributions to the society. Lai Changxing, a good son-in-law, soon became a good friend. Although this chapter has remained low-key and reserved, everything is self-evident. In a village trip to Hong Kong, Lai Changxing bought a pair of 10 thousand yuan leather shoes, 60 thousand yuan of suit and a 180 thousand yuan list for his father-in-law.

And Zeng family’s son, Zeng Ming Yu and his youngest son, Zeng Ming tie, then entered the Yuanhua company as an important post with the help of Zeng Minna.

Escape and discrete

Ceng Chuanzhang began to complain to his relatives and friends that his son son-in-law, Lai Chang Xing, had troubled his two sons.

The experience of emigrating to Hongkong made the traditional peasant woman Zeng Minna appear elegant and capable under the influence of modern business principles. But one of his relatives and friends told me that the more serious mental illness began to plague her marriage, when she was ill, or a brief memory loss. While bringing pain to Zeng Minna, she also pushed her husband into the arms of others.

The discord of the family did not hamper Lai Changxing’s “career”. In the middle and late 1990s, the smuggling activity of far China became the peak. With the huge network and umbrella, Lai Changxing expanded the smuggling goods rapidly from the original “computer chip” to the sensitive fields of plant oil, oil, automobile, chemical raw materials and communication equipment. It was confirmed that the total amount of smuggling in far China was up to 53 billion.

There has been no interest in these figures in the past chapters. Because of the richness of his life, he turned off the meagre soda factory, ended the role of the businessman, and was ready to stay in his late years, but the elder son had not been married, and became his last concern.

Zeng Ming inherited his father’s calm and silent character, but he also had ambitious ambitions which his parents could not understand. It is as if the law of the family business is difficult to escape. In the growing group of far China, the power contention between the two sides is becoming fiercer. Zeng Ming education, called the “young school”, is not satisfied with the executive director of Hongkong in Xiamen.

In September 1998, under the support of Zeng Minna, who had been in charge of the financial power of the group, he had replaced Lai Changbiao (Lai Changxing) as executive director in a single move and took the affairs of Hongkong and Xiamen alone.

Lai Changbiao, who is in power, has been drowned by drinking, and has been hit by a head in a bar fight and become a vegetable. He died 7 years later. This became the heart of Lai and Zeng’s two years’ reluctance to mention.

After the Spring Festival in 1999, a letter named “a group of people with justice” was sent to Zhongnanhai, and more than 60 pages of evidence opened the “Pandora’s box” of the Yuanhua group. In April 20th of this year, the Central Committee ordered the establishment of a task force to investigate severely, and the rain in Xiamen was coming.

The tense atmosphere spread from the city to the countryside. Ceng Chuanzhang’s distant cousin, Zeng Qiang, remembered that when he was just in the summer of that year, there was a police car passing through the lotus island village, and the people inside looked serious and hurried. One day in July, he suddenly met Lai Changxing wandering outside his father-in-law Ceng Chuanzhang’s house, haggard and thin, with only one driver beside him.

Zeng Qiang asked Lai how it was. Lai shook his head and asked where his father-in-law went. Just at this time, two beggars went up, and the driver sent it to him. When he saw the other two 10 yuan, he suddenly drunk – “I never did.” The driver changed into two 100 yuan in a hurry. Lai sighed and waved and dropped two beggars who had kowtow their heads in fear.

That was the last time Lai Changxing appeared in the village of lotus island. In August 14th, he flew to Vancouver with his wife and children, and began a 10 year life.

No one knows if he had waited for the farewell of the son-in-law. When he had heard the news, he had already sat on the chair and sighed, saying the situation was unreasonable.

For the first time, Lai Changxing and Zeng Minna frequently called the old man, saying that in Canada it was very good, soon back to the clouds, and the tone was as easy as a holiday. But the old man puzzled that the couple quickly bought a mansion in a foreign country.

Zeng Ming ran to Philippines shortly after Lai Changxing fled. In addition to occasionally complain about bad weather on the phone, Zeng Ming tried to look as if he had no problem. As the waiting became long and hopeless, he lost patience with the consolation of the sons and daughters of the children, and finally said, “you are still far away.”

As things changed, Zeng Ming, the youngest son involved, was also preparing to leave for Philippines. On the night of departure, in order to convince his father that he was really “traveling”, Zeng Ming only carried a bag. Ceng Chuanzhang looked pale. He had a hunch that he might lose his son.

Ceng Chuanzhang’s life changed overnight, and some of the friends and friends who were in turn saw a gentleman who had become unghavenly, and often spent a day on the phone in messy hair. The couple’s diet is depended on the babysitter requested by their relatives and friends.

Ceng Chuanzhang began to complain to his relatives and friends that Lai had troubled his two sons. This kind of talk has become a habitual nagging.

A reporter knocked on the Zeng gate in a sunny afternoon, and saw an old man walking up and down in the empty hall alone. Then, the man who claimed to be “Lai Changxing’s father-in-law” was angry and said, “my daughter married the wrong person.”

More frightening than death

Master Zeng’s family is no longer the kind of gentleman who is good at charitable conduct, or people who are interested in it or snobbish accept it and try to hide the change of human nature.

The whole of Xiamen has been shrouded in the shadow of the first big economic case in New China.

More than 740 special personnel and a large number of equipment mobilized from the whole country reveal the secret of Yuanhua layer by layer. The amount of money involved, the scale of smuggling and the number of officials involved are unprecedented.

In that worried summer, the former pass away from the center of the storm was more willing to believe that it was just a little thorny public relations crisis of the children, but there were signs that he was not so simple.

The ominous Harbinger finally became reality after more than 4 months.

The night that was once seen as “nightmare” was like this: after dinner, he had tea with 4 friends to talk about dissipated mood. 6 people who claimed to be the “4. 20” task force came in and said they wanted to conduct an isolation review. After more than two hours of questioning, Ceng Chuanzhang and his wife were taken back to the police station.

It was only two months later that the chapter was reappeared in Lanyu village. Distant relatives Zeng Qiang saw his hair white and his eyes swollen, and his speech became too weak. Later, he said, the nightmare had caught him.

As his wife was sentenced to 1 and a half years in prison for harboring sin, he began to live alone. The wife later sent word that she had skin disease in it, and he did not receive two ointments. “He was very depressed and felt that he could not do anything.” A friend once said, “then he will say less.”

More fearful than loneliness itself is the sight of the surrounding. Although people have various reasons for their own change, an inescapable fact is that the owner of the family is no longer the gracous gentry, people, or snobbish, accept this and try to hide the changes of the human world.

After Lai Changxing left, he lost the economic dependence of the three chapters of the high school building. At the time, a new teaching building was built in a primary school in a primary school. The president, Xie Wenbiao, was accustomed to visiting Zeng’s home to “do the work”.

The honorary titles of some of the social groups of the couple are no longer mentioned. On the birthday, the old man only adds some vegetables in the house to avoid any noise. Zeng family courtyard became a psychological isolated island in the village. “So much attention has been paid by the state.” A villager confessed the mood of the year.

Ceng Chuanzhang’s body began to deteriorate. He had to consider more practical problems – to incense incense for the Zeng family. Some friends and relatives suggested that Zeng Ming iron, a relatively shallow case, surrendered himself to the motherland, saying that he had been sentenced to a maximum of 5 years. The once suspicious pass bought the ticket to Philippines. Zeng Ming iron listened to his father’s arrangement and returned home to explain the situation, but he was sentenced to 10 years.

Ceng Chuanzhang was shouting “Damn it” at the time. From a father’s point of view, he felt that he had sent his son to prison in a sense.

More than a year later, the Chinese police took advantage of Zeng Ming’s girlfriend’s chance to visit the Philippines and followed him to arrest and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Ceng Chuanzhang felt “over”.

Due to long-term depression, anxiety and loneliness, at the end of 2005, he began to frequent symptoms of fever, emaciation, and weakness in the past 2005, and the doctor scared the doctor at the time of CT – his liver had been black. Ceng Chuanzhang was eventually diagnosed with liver cancer and had only three months to live.

“It was bitter (serious) at that time.” Ceng Chuanzhang said. The doctor gave him two choices, one is to take medicine to delay, and the other is to take the tumor by knife. Two. “When I chose to take medicine, I was afraid that I could not bear this knife, so I could not see the children.”

Cai Xiumeng, who is bold and courageous, persists in choosing radical treatment for her husband. In April 2006, he was pushed into the operating table, and 5 hours later, a fist sized tumor was taken out, and the tube fell off by accident and stayed up for a week in a painful wheeze.

“Like my age, death is not afraid.” On the evening of August 12th, the 76 year old Zeng Zhang raised his clothes to show the scars of the moon scimitar. “Separation of flesh and blood is the greatest pain.”

Two kinds of regression

“I didn’t expect to have this day.”

Lai Changxing, who is far away in Canada, has used the differences between China and Canada in signing the extradition treaty and the long and lengthy litigation procedures in the region.

When his brother’s repatriation problem occupied the media layout for a long time, his younger brother Lai Changtu went home on September 2008. After that he had been to a former home. “Nothing to say, just look at the two old men.” Ryan Chang said. Ceng Chuanzhang was overwhelmed and missed his son more.

This is a long and lonely redemption of the old man. After the operation was restored, his wife and his wife ran to the two brothers of Ming Yu and Ming tie in Longyan and Putian prisons every month.

The hope of reunion has evolved into a knot after years of deliberation and expansion. After seeing Zeng Fu, a Feng Shui man said that the two rockery and houses in front of the door had just been a “crying” word, and did not except for the peace and no peace.

In 2007, the youngest son returned home from Ming iron and helped Zeng Ming Yu become the last task of his life.

After the change of fengshui, the cancer that had been distributed was miraculously healed. During this period, Ceng Chuanzhang and his wife accidentally discovered a kind of herbal medicine on the hillside outside the village. People came to fame, and once they sold their families for 50 yuan a package. Zeng family has become popular again, but people now prefer to regard him as a middle school student.

In December 2008, a letter was sent to the Ministry of public security. The writer is Ceng Chuanzhang. He stated in it that the two couples were old and economically difficult, looking forward to reunion with their children in a lifetime, asking the country to open the net and let his son have an early period of early education to return home.

The letter to Beijing has finally been echoed. The above sends a message: if we persuade Zeng Minna to return to China, the Chinese government will let Zeng Ming Yu reduce her sentence and bail her out, and give Zeng Minna a generous and just treatment.

At this time, Zeng Minna had divorced Lai Changxing for 4 years. When she received a phone call from her father, she said, “my brother is not married. He is also suffering from me. I am willing to exchange his life for his freedom.”

It was an apprehensive journey. On the evening of May 3rd, when Zeng Minna set foot on her long lost homeland with her 23 year old daughter, the worst case scenario did not appear before. The Chinese government has kept its promise. Zeng Minna went out and went to a more than 100 square meter house beside Xiamen University.

That night, when he had eaten the first reunion dinner in Xiamen for 10 years, Ceng Chuanzhang and his wife were in tears. 3 months later, Zeng Ming was released from prison, announces the family’s farewell to the displaced time.

“I didn’t expect to have this day.” Ceng Chuanzhang said.

However, 4 kilometers away from the village of CuO Cuo, when Ceng Mingna returned home for three months to visit his own uncle, he did not feel the joy of the loss of Changtu. His two brothers (Lai Shuiqiang and Lai Changbiao) were dead, one in prison and one on the sick bed. Now, their portrait is accompanied by him living in the two floor of an old house.

Lai has been unemployed since last year’s release from prison. He didn’t even have an ID card, and his life depended on his friends. He often dissociated between memory and reality, smelling the vanity of his life in his half dreams, and then recalls his childhood back to school rather than the old brother Lai Changxing.

“It’s all life.” In a sultry afternoon, Lai Changtu murmured and fell asleep in the sun.

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Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Original title: Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it again.

In front of the words

Silly is Chen Danqing’s favorite phrase, such as Van Gogh. This time, he said he was foolish enough to look at a picture and even become addicted. Why?

It is one of the reasons to savor the idiot of the painter, and the other is that a painting can have a lot of time and plot, like an American opera.

But after more than one thousand years, will people still be excited to see today’s Hollywood blockbuster?

But if you go to the art gallery, hundreds of thousands of years ago, there will be paintings hanging there every day, and people will continue to look at them. Why? Painting is longer.

Painting and time

Fifteenth sets of local second seasons

Talk about Chen Danqing

There is no place to say, for example.

Make the surplus power cut, eat the spare meat and drink the blood,

It is better to know to kill yourself, than to die as a wife.

The eyebrow is tired of the body early, empty and weak as soft as water.

The above is the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cai Wenji’s “Eighteen racket”, the third, is said to be a version of the Tang Dynasty (Tang Dynasty Liu Shang) Rewrite, said that she would rather die than, but have to follow the fate.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Her story is so famous that when she was twenty-three years old, she was taken away by the Xiongnu left Xian king as a princess. She was a child of Hu’s life. She suffered all kinds of grief and became a long poem. Her father was Cai Yong, a writer of Eastern Han Dynasty, who used Cai Wenji to redeem Cao Cao.

The words and tears of the “Eighteen shots of the Hu”, which have been widely circulated in ancient times, have been praised by Guo Moruo as the most impressive long narrative poem after Li Sao. (the original word is “this is the most appreciative long narrative poem since Li Sao”).

The Song Dynasty painter based on the long scroll, this has not been saved, in 1982, I saw the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Metropolitan Museum of Art suddenly the song of the song “Hu Zhi” long scroll, lying on the counter on the front of a reading, greatly moved, completely forgot that I was in New York.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

The next tenth are to talk about her despair in the land of Hu, to give birth to Hu’s shame and to be a mother.

Hate to humiliate evil and evil, hate Hu heaven,

To give birth to a child, and to give birth to a mother and her mother, is a good thing.

The language is different and love, the heart does not feel often lead,

At the end of the evening, I don’t feel sorry for his own hand.


Good paintings owned by time

David Horky, a British painter, has a book called the history of pictures.

A young man of school and painting later changed to the film. The director told him not to give up the art gallery, not to look at the paintings, to paint, to say and not to move, but to paint longer.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Think about it. Is it possible for humanity to see Hollywood blockbusters more than one thousand years later?

But you went to the art gallery, and hundreds of years ago the paintings hung there, and people kept pouring in every day. They still looked at it like this. Why? Painting is longer.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Why is painting long and long? Even if it is good, it can be discussed again.

There is a saying that painting is the art of space, and music is the art of time. I thought it was the way the two kinds of art were presented, only half said, and Hockney looked deeper.

He thought that good paintings not only accommodate time, but also create time. After painting, it is owned by time, and has been following the time.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

He exemplified many western paintings, one that contained different periods of time, but he was most admiring Chinese long scroll paintings. He said the relationship between painting and time was the most understood by the Chinese.

Daniel Alas, the French art historian, used a word called “the wrong time theory”, looking at all the paintings. He said that painting can hold a complex sense of time.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.


Dizziness in multiple times

Talking about painting with time is generally an idea and habit of Westerners. Chinese people talk about painting, how the Tang people and the song people are, you can also say that it is a time concept, but we do not use the word “time”.

In front of the “Eighteen pictures of Hu Hu”, we can see clearly that this author will divide the time very well.

This volume is divided into eighteen images by Cai Wenji’s whole poem. The first is the scene of the Han family, and Cai Wenji is to be taken away.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

After that, the desert, camping, wild goose and bright moon on the way to travel were described.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

At the end of the painting, the Chinese army returned to Mrs. CAI to return home. The last painting appeared the first same manor of the Han family, and Wen Ji returned.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

There is no definite difference between the sigh and the sigh, and the resentment and resentment at that time.

If you do not know how to resentment, there seems to be a front.

Sad and happy, the market is not fast, the mind is in particular.

Don’t believe in the enemy.

Yes, “at that time resentment of resentment and hatred”, it was not easy to look back to the Han Dynasty, and she was deeply hurt to stay with the flesh and flesh of Hu Di, and the twelve years of the death of the enemy in the end of one end, which was really like a movie, and the poem of Wen Ji was the narration of the film.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Alas’s “mistiming theory” does not know whether photography is included. In the book in his “Ming room”, Roland Bart talked about one time he saw a picture of the old photograph of Jesus’s birthplace, Bethlehem. He looked at the old picture and felt the dizziness of three times.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

One heavy, is the year of the birth of Jesus; one of the pictures was taken in the late nineteenth Century; and one more, the time he saw in his own picture, was the end of the twentieth Century.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Do we feel dizzy when we look at the long scroll paintings in China in this way of time?

Cai Wenji’s story took place around second Century, and it took eight hundred or nine hundred years for the Song Dynasty to draw the eighteen pat of Hu Hu according to the story.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Then we came to the Ming Dynasty to imitate the Song Dynasty again. Now we are staring at this picture in the window of Metropolitan Museum of Art. How many years away from it?


Tell the people of the Song Dynasty for a thousand years

The collection of Jin Wen Gong and the restoration of the state by Metropolitan Museum of Art is another long journey. The author is Li Tang from the Southern Song Dynasty.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

On the painter, “Eighteen shots” is far less than this, on the meaning of painting, Li Tang imitates the authentic Tang style, and Zhou Zheng than Tang Feng, but the idea of dealing with the time, the two rolls are the same.

The story of the Jin State, which is heavy to bear humiliation, to plot the return of the country in the pre Qin period, is six hundred or seven hundred years earlier than the story of Cai Wenji. Li Tang disconnects the picture in the narrative, and the sequence of the whole process of the return of the country, but this is the time of the story, not the time of this course.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

There was no paper in the pre Qin period. The Wei and Jin Dynasty had Kinumoto painting. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, the paper, Kinumoto and the long scroll painting had been highly mature. So Li Tang wrote the painting “Jin Wen Gong Fu Guo Tu”. The story from the painting was more than 1500 years old. He was telling the Song Dynasty people the old and old story, the Jin State in the painting. It was long gone.

The Song Dynasty is one thousand years away from us today. Think about it. It is good that the “Jin Wen Gong Fu Guo map” is of good quality and is not damaged. It is well spread out in the glass cabinet of New York.

Yes, painting can neither speak nor move, but painting is more permanent. This sentence is as infinite as time. Unfortunately, these two important long scroll paintings were collected. Cai Wenji and Jin Wen Gong rested in the storeroom.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

You should remember the historical paintings of western paintings, such as the women of Sabin and Poussin (David’s Sabin women’s intervention) and Poussin’s “the captive Sabin women”). In fact, it was a story for them more than one thousand years ago. How many Biblical paintings of the Renaissance are also painted in the story around the millennium.

The difference is that Chinese long scroll painting can bring a large amount of time and plot into a picture.

Western paintings are not without this function, such as the altar painting, and there are such long stories in one picture, but most of the western historical paintings are usually a single picture, a picture, a scene, and then a period of time.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.


Include time as image

Ever since Westerners invented the movie, the history of human images, attention has been paid to the movement of pictures. Of course, the movie can’t correspond to the long paper, because the painting can’t say and do not move, but one function is similar, that is, the time of the long period, and the free replacement of the time, but the film is more than two or three hours of narration.

By the time of entering the television era in 50s and 60s, a series of TV serials appeared. In 80s, China quickly followed up.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

In 90s, I watched about two thousand sets of Chinese TV series in New York. In the Internet age, the series had become a long film. After I returned to Beijing, I watched the American drama again. Once I met the chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America who visited China, I told him that the vitality and quality of American drama far exceeded that of movies.

“The house of cards” “homeland security” “the mad man” and so on, not to say, I also saw the British “Henry VIII”, and Italy’s “the Bo family”, one is good old clothes, and one is a good story.

I don’t understand how to take a picture of a decapitation. My head rolled into the basket and accompanied by the maid in the law field.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Last year, the famous comic artist, he Yu, died. I wrote a commemorative article.

Before the emergence of a TV series, a comic book is a container of paper holding time, which, like a serial, provides a long journey, a long journey, a few hundred hours to see, the sense of time, the thought of history, and any other art that can not be replaced.


There’s a fool like me to see and see

What do you want to see in a series, or time?

Just now, I did a forecast, saying that a thousand years later will not be able to see the movies and series of our today, this is actually unpredictable, but back to see, the song and Yuan people never think thousands of years later, their long rolls will be heavily preserved, there is a glass cover, I have such a fool to see Again, and moved, and why?

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

It is hard to answer Jin Wen Gong and Cai Wenji. The story is touching, of course, but do I really want to paint long stories for stories? In fact, it is not.

I am a hopeless painter, like painting, like drug use, I like to imagine the ancient people, cats on the edge of the table, one after another depicting those little people, indulged in thousands of years.

As you know, the reason why a picture is moving is that the painting left behind the painting was a kind of dementia and silly. If I hadn’t filmed the local part, I never picked up the high emulation paper of “Hu Hu eighteen pat” and watched it quietly.

What am I doing? God, I watch a series of episodes in the next episode.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

Is this a split personality? Is it too convenient to get huge amounts of image messages so that people are greedily wishing to have more time? I don’t know. I don’t know whether I prefer painting or video.

A good sentence is neither good nor bad. It is still the saying that painting can neither speak nor move, but painting is more lasting.

Speaking of the head, the collection in the art gallery is overlapped time.

Chen Danqing: they never expected a fool like me to look at it.

This article is an excerpt of the program. Some of the pictures are from the Internet.

Warm reminder: from the second quarter of the local part, there is only one episode left.

Watch the local second season

Early notice

(end) sixteenth episodes: Art and the public

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What is the “Damour” that can be seen everywhere in Japan?

Original title: what is the “Damour” that can be seen everywhere in Japan?

“Damour” of red murmur

It must be unfamiliar to Japan

Whether it’s a monastery or a souvenir shop

The frequency of it will never let you miss it

What is the

It can also be seen in the game

What is the

“Yin Yang teacher” game screenshot

Who is Damour?

Damour is the Zen monk of the north and South Dynasties in China

Legend is the third son of the South Tianzhu to the king

Mahayana Buddha Dharma

The ancestor of the Chinese Zen

What is the

Zen Buddhism spread from China to Japan in the Kamakura Era

It attracted the samurai class and was greatly respected

And quickly infiltrated into Japanese life

Daisetz Suzuki, a famous Japanese philosopher, wrote in “spirituality of Japan”:

“The coming of Zen is the opportunity to ignite the spirit of Japan”.

The Zen sect brought to the Japanese,

How to manifest the art of life on a lonely island when material is scarce.

What is the

Zen Garden of Jian Ren Temple

Damour has a very high position in the Zen.

Damour’s portrait is also common in Japanese temples

For example, the temple of Arashiyama Tianlong temple, Kyoto

What is the

Graph / ER mengliren

There is also a temple in Kyoto

What is the

The birth of Damour’s tumbler

Famine in Japan during the Ming Dynasty

(later considered to be the greatest famine in modern Japanese History)

The abbot of Damour temple is a prototype of Damour sitting meditation with Xin Yue Zen master’s painting.

Teach people to make “lucky Damour” that can be held in their hands.

Nine years with Damour’s face

The story of “seven disasters and eight difficulties” and finally success

Motivate the victims to pass through the difficulties

What is the

Up to now, Damour’s temple in Shaolin mountain, Kao Qi City, has been stacked with lots of Damour tumbler. Figure /visitgunma.jp

In Japanese, “seven, eight,” represents the spirit of indomitable spirit.

(fall, rise: stand up)

The combination of the opening of Damour and the tumbler represents this spirit.

Because it was named after Damour’s name.

Later, it became a synonym for tumbler in Japanese.

What is the

Be placed in a temple or go home

They are referred to as “pick up objects” by Japanese.

It’s “something to pray for a good thing.”

Apart from “Damour”

Fortune cats, painted horses, guards and so on are also belonged to “Qi Qi”.

What is the

Figure /ja.wikipedia.org

Why do some of Damour have no eyes?

Damour’s tumbler can be divided into two categories: furnishings and prayer.

The difference is whether there is an eye

What is the

The eyes can be placed directly at home

If you buy Damour without eyes

The right way to wish is:

A black eye on Damour’s left eye

When the wish is realized, the right eye will be painted to celebrate the wish.

The name is “eye opening”

In Japan, Damour’s tumbler is very common in various celebrations.

For example, when the election is successful

What is the

Wedding ceremony

What is the

After sports competition

What is the

Even Mrs. Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister, has also painted

What is the

The type of Damour’s tumbler

Many parts of Japan have their own Damour tumbler

For example, the “Yue Valley Damour” in the Saitama city of Yue

The white area is bigger, the nose is higher, and the face is more mild.

What is the

“White River Damour” produced in Baihe City, Fukushima Prefecture

Three hundred years ago for exorcism

White praying red disaster

What is the

“Bell Chuan Damour” produced in Yueyan District of Fuji City, Jinggang county.

Two kinds of hairs made of horse hair, beard and hand-painted

All handmade, it takes about 10 days to do a good job

What is the

What is the

Figure /sasaeruchikara.jp

The “Damour of song Chuan” in Sendai, Miyagi County

Face blue, red on the back, thick eyebrows and beard.

What is the

Figure /livedoor Blog

The “Gidamo” produced in the Yagen County

It’s mainly the image of women

What is the

Figure /haconiwa-mag.com

“Damour” produced in Da sub County

It is used to pray for “happiness of blessing,” “happiness of life” and “honor of generations”.

Inexplicable feeling of joy, the eyes seemed to see everything in the world.

What is the

Figure /pref.oita.jp

“Five colors Damour” in Shizuoka County

Sale at the earth manure monastery in the city of Izu

With five colors “green, yellow, red, white, black”

The symbol of “the sky, the wind, the fire, the water, the land”

When wishing, write your wish on the opening card and put it on Damour.

When praying, think of the three times of “the Damour prison of the south.”

What is the

Figure /izufull.com

The most common and most famous one is “Damour,”

Often in elections and exams

What is the

The hometown of Damour: Kao Kao City, Qun Ma County

It takes only 50 minutes to get to Tokyo from Shinkansen.

Gauch Damour, also known as “Fordamo” or “origin Damour”.

It is made mainly of pulp and the process is tedious

All finished by hand painting

What is the

In Kao, there are 55 professional shops that make Damour tumbler.

The production of about 900 thousand Damour each year

The number of production and marketing is the first in Japan

Group Ma county is also the three former Prime Minister of Japan

The constituencies and hometown of Nakasone Yasuhiro, Fukuda O and Kofuchi Emi

Every election, a powerful politician is elected

The image of opening up for “winning Damour” is impressive.

What is the

In 1977, the Fukuda O cabinet opened the eye for “winning Damour” /The Yomiuri Shimbun.

With the development of the times, people’s growing demand for vows

Kao Kao Dharma also has more colors

Look at the 12 color Damour, and there’s nothing that they can’t manage.

What is the

Figure /sheng-yi888.com.tw

If you travel to Gao Qi, you will find Damour everywhere.

For example, the blue Dharma blue of the Kao Kao police station

What is the

Damour at Takasaki station

What is the

Damour’s murals outside the station

What is the

Damour and fruit fruit sold in convenience stores

What is the

Damour bridge at the bridge head

What is the

Even the drink machine is Damour

What is the

All of the above pictures are from /portal.nifty.com

The pageant of Damour’s tumbler

Shenda temple is one of the oldest monasteries in Tokyo, next to the shrub grass Temple.

The second thousand year ancient temples in the Guandong region of Japan

The temple of Shenzhen will be held in March 3rd every year.

“The great sacrifices of the three Kehui masters of the monastery in the deep Temple”

It’s one of the three biggest Damour festivals in Japan

During the sacrifices, the temple will be held in the same period.

“Damour bazaar fair in the deep Temple”

The 300 shops are arranged in turn

It can be said to be the annual event of Damour’s tumbler.

What is the

Figure /4travel.jp

In the temple, Damour’s tumbler opened his eyes.

The monks will bring the new Damour tumbler to the masses.

In the left eye picture, the Sanskrit “a” that shows the beginning of the thing

And to put an end to the old right eye.

What is the

What is the

What is the

Figure /jindaiji.or.jp

So both eyes are painted

Damour, who has completed a year’s work load

What will be done?

What is the

Figure /chocominchocomi

Don’t be in a hurry, and

“The memorial ceremony of Damour’s tumbler” is to be carried out.


Pile up the Damour tumbler who has completed the year’s prayers.

By the Buddhist monks blowing the way, the shell is chanted and burned.

Resign from the old and welcome the new

The scene was so great that it was worth seeing.

What is the

Map of Damour’s tumbler memorial ceremony held by master general in Tokyo Xinxi well, /gotokyo.org

Transboundary Damour

Because of popular love for Damour, many famous figures also have Damour’s money.

For example, Mi Faye Damour

What is the


What is the

Snoopy Damo

What is the

Sphinx Damour

What is the

Figure /jpstore.dwango.jp

Dora A dream Damo

What is the

Figure /nlab.itmedia.co.jp


What is the

LINE’s facial expression bag contains a very magical Damour villain.

What is the

Travel to Japan next time

Take a look at their figure.

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Song Dandan’s tragic life: “I married a scum and gave birth to a waste!”

Original title: Song Dandan’s tragic life: “I married a scum, and gave birth to a waste!”

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Source: the sharp horizon (rshijie)

Recently, the “yin yang contract” incident has been bubbling with excitement.

The surface of the star’s pay is “clear price”.

In fact, it is mostly dark box operation.

The actors don’t have to act,

Just sit in the field and show your face,

You can easily get tens of millions of remuneration.

But in fact, this is not a new thing at all.

In recent years, the “circle” has been a mess.

Many stars are playing the “actor” flag.

But there is no awe in the career of performing arts.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Some people say that traffic represents everything.

This is an era that only needs idols.

Until the variety “the birth of the actor” appeared.

To let the audience see “real actors”,

The program group invited the three generations of Lao Zhongqing,

Dozens of entertainers.

The jury was also made by the film emperor Liu Ye,

The movie Zhang Ziyi came to help.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

The posters of the birth of the actor

But compared to the above two,

One of her has not won the Queen’s cup,

Neither has ever been in a foreign blockbuster.

Even the red carpet of the International Film Festival has not passed.

So why did she sit at the judges’ seat on earth?

The answer to this question,

Maybe you’ll know when you finish her resume.

She’s a national first class actor,

The pillars of the Beijing people’s Art Theatre,

35 years of art,

Almost sweeping all the Drama Awards;

10 times on the Spring Festival Gala stage,

It is recognized by the industry as “the queen of small goods”.

She came out of the way so far.

But at the peak of life, he was married.

After many defamation, he thought of suicide many times.

A man is a freshman in his middle age.

She is the first Chinese comic actress,

It is the artist of the “hall level”.

She is Song Dandan.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan’s original name, Song Changying,

In August 25, 1961,

It was born in a military district courtyard in old Beijing.

In the early years, her parents participated in the revolution in Jiefang District.

After the victory of the war, he came to Beijing with the troops.

The Song family is an intellectual from his ancestors.

His father was the Secretary of the Beijing Literary Federation before he retired.

Mother is also a middle school teacher.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan and his mother

The two sisters have excellent results from their urination.

The elder brother Song Bei Shan is not only a high student in the north, but also in the north.

And he succeeded in making an official career.

Once the deputy governor of Shanxi Province,

Now it is also the Deputy Secretary General of the CPPCC National Committee.

A full-time vice chairman of the National Federation of industry and commerce.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan, elder brother Song Beishan

Song Dandan was very timid when he was a child.

Because the hair is naturally yellowish,

The appearance is not as delicate as the other girls.

So the classmate in the class,

She often gives her a variety of nicknames.

Bullied at school,

Song Dandan can only cry and run home

Ask for help from my elder brother and sister.

So that it was a long time later.

The second sister just mentioned her little sister,

I think of her sloppy appearance with a sore nose.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan’s childhood photos

Song Dandan was a little high in character when he was a child.

There are so many people in the courtyard,

She seldom has a close relationship with someone.

Only the big brother in the home is very worshiped.

At that time big brother was in the field,

It takes a long time to go home.

Every time I know that the big brother is coming back,

Song Dandan would be well dressed up,

I hope to make a good impression on my brother.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan family fortune

But because the elder brother and sister are very different in age,

Song Bei Shan has always been unable to answer this little sister’s love.

One time, it was more direct to her.

“Why are you so fat?”

Because of the word of the big brother,

Song Dandan can’t eat enough for all his life.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

A total of four children in the Song Dynasty,

Song Dandan is the son of the family,

It was the most disappointing one of the family at that time.

In 1980, Song Dandan took part in the college entrance examination.

But she failed because of the poor achievement.

The family told her to read it again.

And she talked about love.

There is no study at all.

The nearer the eye looks at the time of the exam,

Song Dandan’s heart is very bottomless,

She thought that she was out of the way.

It’s already at this point,

Either die or just run away.

So, on the eve of the college entrance examination,

Song Dandan took 80 bucks from his home.

He left home and went to the aunt’s house in Qingdao.

It was not until three days later that he was retrieved by his father.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

The University was completely lost.

Song Dandan can only find a way out.

One afternoon in 1981,

The friend Zhang Qi handed her a newspaper,

Above the enrolment chapter of the people’s Art Theatre.

Song Dandan, at the time, had nothing to do with the play.

But in order to learn and find something to do,

She decided to try it.

Maybe it’s true that God will eat it.

Although there was no professional training before that,

But Song Dandan still stands out among many examinees.

And the first test was passed smoothly.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

At the second test, the teacher asked the examinee to recite the poem.

Song Dandan, who was unprepared, took out a newspaper from his trouser pocket.

Then read the enrolment brief of people’s art loudly.

Then the teacher asked for a dance,

Looking around is a dance of national dance,

It’s another student who has a break dance.

She went straight to a radio gymnastic.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

A “unique” performance,

It was good to let the teacher present to Song Dandan.

But one of the teachers was hesitant.

I saw her teacher standing in front of her and looking left and right.

And then whispered a word:

“No, no, no, this kid must be a big fat man.”

After hearing this, Song Dandan was anxious, and Zhang said, “

“Isn’t there a half year’s test time?

It’s sure to be thin during this period!

If I can’t do it,

You get rid of me at any time! “

With the innate confidence and the stubborn strength of the bone,

Song Dandan finally succeeded in entering the performance training class for people’s art.

During the trial period, in order to achieve the weight promised to the teacher,

She didn’t have a meal to eat.

After half a year, Song Dandan lost 30 pounds.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

In 1983, Song Dandan graduated successfully.

And become an official actor of Beijing’s art.

Although the achievements of the culture class are very common,

But it has different talents in performance.

In 1984, she was only a year from her,

By virtue of its excellent performance in the “red and white joy”,

The first prize was awarded by the Ministry of culture.

And the Beijing municipal government commended the outstanding actor award.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

The picture of “the red and white joy”

However, the business of the performing arts is smooth and smooth.

It didn’t make Song Dandan happy for a long time.

Because she was lovelorn.

Song Dandan’s first love was called Yuan Gang,

It’s a retired army soldier.

Tall and handsome, handsome,

The two people were prepared to prepare for the college entrance examination in the same year.

But she was in love with her heart.

Although he did not go to college because of his indulgence in love,

But her first love boyfriend was admitted to the University of Peking University of law.

In the early 80s of last century,

China has ushered in the upsurge of going abroad.

Yuan Gang’s brothers and sisters have all gone out of the country.

One day Song Dandan went to his boyfriend’s house to eat,

Several people gathered around the table to eat in full swing.

Mother yuan suddenly suggested,

Let my son get a salad with his passport.

She knew that her boyfriend was going abroad.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

The first love boyfriend who has been in love for 5 years wants to go abroad.

I’m the last one to know.

This day she suddenly understood.

Yuan steel has never been the original

Think of the fate of the two people together.

He never thought of taking the road of life with himself.

The love that has been paid for many years has gone to the end.

It hurt Song Dandan.

After breaking up with yuan steel,

Song Dandan was eager to use a new feeling,

To dilute the anguish of the heart.

So in 1985,

Song Dandan and only had known for three months.

The first sweetheart married.

The beginning of love is always sweet.

But the happiness did not last long.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan’s sweetheart was a civil servant at that time.

Every day lives in a single eye system.

And she was active on the stage,

A “artist” who would hate to empty himself.

As time goes on,

There are more and more estrangement between the two.

So after a year of marriage, Song Dandan put forward a divorce.

The Civil Affairs Bureau finished the formalities on that day.

The two people also had dinner together and watched the film.

At the time of the departure, two people did not speak,

Just say goodbye to each other,

It seems that after today, two people are still husband and wife,

Everything will not change.

“After breaking up, he disappeared,

All kinds of chance coincidences,

I met his primary school students, their childhood neighbors,

A friend, even a sister-in-law who sells ice sticks in Hutong,

Only can’t meet him again. “

Song Dandan's tragic life:

After the flash marriage flicker,

Song Dandan’s feelings went into the empty window.

During this period, she began to spend more time in her work.

In the beginning, she was active on the stage of the drama.

Gradually began to go to the front of the curtain.

The transformation became a television actor.

After the divorce, Song Dandan filmed

“Looking for the back world”,

“Crescent” and many other classics,

And he won the flying prize by this.

International Film Festival silver awards and many other awards.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan’s play

Song Dandan entered the arson crew in 1988.

And there she met her second husband, Ying Da.

Ying Da, at the same time, had just divorced,

It’s the deputy director of the play.

Song Dandan goes to the guest house.

When there is no play, two people like to squat on the side.

One and two, become lovers.

In July 1989, Song Dandan and Ying Da were married,

It was not long before the son of English was born.

Three people began to live for 7 years.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Ying Da, at the time, was just 27 years old.

Or a small director who is not well known.

But Song Dandan has used the Spring Festival evening show “lazy fellow”.

It became a household name, “Wei Shufen.”

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan plays Wei Shufen in the 1990 Spring Festival Gala

Ying Da was always proud of his body.

He does not want to work for others all his life.

I want to create a work of my own.

But never find a chance.

So just a couple of years of marriage,

The spending of the two people is mostly in charge of Song Dandan.

However, Song Dandan had no complaints about it.

Because she always feels,

The days are two.

It’s so clear that you don’t have to calculate.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

In the 93 year, Ying Da’s first work, “I love my family”, was launched.

As soon as the TV play was broadcast, it immediately received the praise from all sides.

The ratings have risen all the way.

And director Ying Da,

And the pot full of the earns.

And he became the godfather of Chinese sitcom.

One day he went home with sixty thousand bucks of cash.

After seeing Song Dandan, he gladly poured money into the air.

The two people looked at the sky and laughed like a madman.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

At that time, the two of them were in the performing arts circle

A famous model couple.

In front of the media,

They never disguise their love for each other.

Two husband and wife, a guide, a performance,

No matter where you go, it’s a pair of pairs.

They are a complementary partner in their careers.

In life they are married couples with deep love.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

But “I love my home” success,

Not only did it bring them a career success,

It has brought indelible pain to the marriage of two people.

As the work gets more and more busy,

Song Dandan’s time with Ying Da,

More and less.

And the two people are too strong,

Often because of a few small things can not be made.

And during this period,

And Ying Da and

The gossip of “I love my family” the screenwriter Liang Huan.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Ying Da is in my love house

Once happy life,

It became a mess in the endless quarrel;

The two people who had been very loving,

It also became bedfellows in the curse of the seven year itch.

Long family cold violence,

Let Song Dandan look forward to warmth,

She was really eager to love and be loved.

In this case,

She started the only extramarital affair of her life.

On the tenth day of discovering his “derailment”,

Song Dandan dialed Ying Da’s phone.

She inquired first of her relationship with Liang Huan.

After the opposing denial,

Song Dandan put forward a divorce.

And for this decision,

Ying Da promised almost everything he didn’t think about.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

“Please give me a little more time,”

A little more greetings,

Don’t take everything away.

Please give me a little more space.

A little more gentle,

Don’t make me so miserable.

This is the last song that Song Dandan and Ying Da can hear together.

It’s like the end of the two marriage.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

The first day of 1997,

The two people went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedure.

On the way home, two people are riding in a car.

It’s just this time.

They couldn’t get to the end together again.

After Ying Da got off,

Song Dandan picked up the paging he had left on the car.

But I just saw the short message from Liang’s hair.

“Is it all done?”

“When will you come back?”

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Ying Da and Liang Huan

Love for 7 years of the pillow people,

A person who has hurt himself most.

The betrayal of the lover made Song Dandan fall into the valley.

Song Dandan has almost nothing to bring.

He fled from the once home.

She wants to do everything that is related to that person.

All left in the house,

She even included her son, Bartle.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Once the so-called good friends,

Qi also chose the station to go to Ying Da.

Marriage, family, friends…

Song Dandan has nothing.

A couple of marriages fail,

Let her completely lose her confidence in life,

You lie at home every day and wash your face with tears.

I even thought of suicide many times.

During this period, she has been a number of blind dates.

But there is no success.

I’m 35 years old.

The best age of a woman’s life is over.

She felt that she would never have love again.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

So the dark days have lasted for a long time.

Until one day Song Dandan went to school to pick up his son.

The doorman recognized her,

And say to her:

Every Friday you come to pick up his son, he is happy.

My mouth keeps talking about mom!

One of his son’s words made Song Dandan understand suddenly.

She is a woman, but she is also a mother.

In order to give my son a better life,

She can’t be so decadent!

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Soon after, Song Dandan returned to his son’s custody.

It started a difficult single mother’s life.

In order to give Bartle a childlike childhood,

Song Dandan’s hard work,

There’s not much time to meet my son.

Almost every time it’s in the teacher’s office.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

At school, Bartle was named “the first school in the whole school”.

Song Dandan can receive complaints on almost every day.

She runs to the teacher’s office every week.

He even apologized three times in front of the whole class.

Be despised by the parents of the students.

That was the most humiliating thing she had ever done in her life.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Bartle was very naughty in his childhood.

Naughty has been expelled from school many times.

Seeing that his son has been mixed up in the country.

Song Dandan could only find ways to send his son abroad.

Song Dandan was only a few foreign languages at that time.

But she went to England with her son.

Bartle was only 14 years old.

And between his school and his home,

It is necessary to take a small train to pass.

So Song Dandan was in England with him every day.

He taught him the direction and the train.

At that time, it was abroad.

She is not the big star of the world’s attention.

She is just a mother who yearn for her child to grow up safely.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Bartle read the book for 5 years abroad.

All the expenses incurred during this period,

All by Song Dandan.

As a father of Ying Da, in this process,

Not only did he not give his son a force,

Instead of starting a new life,

That is to turn over everything in the past.

Including no son.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

For years of love in exchange for a word such as such a mixed account,

How does it make people feel cold?

But it is good that the son always consoles him.

Last year Bartle was on a program.

Sing for the mother “when you are old”.

A tune out,

There is no need for words to move all the people present.

Bartle sings “when you are old”

As she said in the video,

As a mother, Song Dandan never became a child.

His academic achievements can not be pointed out.

His appearance could not be outstanding,

But as long as he is kind, honest and brave, the sun is enough.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Raise a son and grow up alone.

Be slandered and derailed by the ex husband.

Every step of Song Dandan’s walk is bumpy.

But it’s good that she survived.

Song Dandan today not only reaped a sweet and happy family.

You can become a close friend with her husband’s ex-wife.

After the ups and downs,

She sees through the essence of life.

It is also more free and easy to live.

Song Dandan's tragic life:

Song Dandan’s photo with his present husband

As a woman,

Life gave Song Dandan too much pain,

But when you get through it, look back.

She chose to be strong and forgive.

“All people will experience suffering, do not be afraid.

Who stays with who is comfortable with who.

I don’t save anyone who leaves me.

Be kind to anyone who doesn’t like it.

Goodbye, not far away. “

No one’s life can be a smooth sailing.

But the sun is always after the wind and rain.

Every path in life counts,

May everyone be like her,

Endure hardship, trample and confuse.

Harvest belongs to their own indifferent and frank!

Sharp horizon brief introduction: pay attention to the WeChat public number rshijie (ID:) have temperature, more attitude, read the social hot spot, see the human nature, 12 noon every day, let your horizon more open!

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